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Three pillars of am@rte

Establishing high-quality business contacts through personal encounters. Scaling local networks to a globally interconnected ecosystem thanks to our digital platform. Enhancing growth of members' businesses through feedback and referrals.

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  • Establish high-quality business contacts

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How does it work?


Create digital business card & receive invitations to our monthly Meet-ups


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Build trust through sharing experiences, resources and referrals in our groups


Plant & grow your Startup through co-creativity and leveraging synergies

As an am@rte member, you receive access to our digital platform

Find easily right & trustworthy business partners


We are opening doors to discover new talents and people willing to participate in any way they choose as a collective entity.

Register for a meet-up to apply for a membership and get early access to am@rte digital platform.


Creativity without frontiers

amarte means in Spanish “to love you” and stands for Alemania México Arte as it started as a residence exchange program for artists in May 2011.

Today am@rte is a collaborative network for entrepreneurs, who meet every first Fridays of the month in local groups within a global network.

The Making of am@rte

  • 1


    am@rte is founded in Ajijic, Mexico with the idea of selling Mexican art in Germany

  • 2


    The monthly meetings of Wissen-Kontakte-Chancen grows more and more popular and becomes the central meeting point of am@rte members

  • 3


    Wissen-Kontakte-Chancen launches Businessplan Workshop Series as a case study. Alejandro starts to import San Miguel shoes to Germany

  • 4


    Alejandro becomes a finalist of the Gründer Garage with San Miguel Shoesan Miguel Shoes

  • 5


    Daniel Palma, an artist and member of am@rte, is invited by Prof. Faltin, FU Berlin, to create a kinetic sculpture for the Entrepreneurship Summit

  • 6


    Knowledge-Network-Chances changes the name to First Friday and becomes a regular meetup series focused on entrepreneurship. Additional more hands-on meetup series DosDays starts to take place

  • 7


    Alejandro presents am@rte at the Mexican embassy

  • 8


    First Friday reaches over 1000 members

  • 9


    A new First Friday chapter in Ajijic, Mexico joins the am@rte network

  • 10


    a new am@rte chapter opens in Luxembourg


Klaus Krause, K3PM

Cooperation versus Competition

Our vision is entrepreneurship that overcomes competition and is driven by cooperation and co-creativity

Alejandro Wagner, CEO of am@rte

Diversity Drives Innovation

We believe, that by connecting ideas with people from diverse disciplines, industries and cultures, who share the same “why”, we can bridge the gap

Joanna Czarnecka, Zixio

Real Connections

As our company was just an idea, we got a chance to present it at the First Friday. The feedback and the support we got from the network contributed a lot to building a successful technology company that we are now

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